How do you know if my Podcasting Intensive is the right learning opportunity for you?

  • Do you have a great idea for a podcast and want to get started now?

  • Do you have a podcast that's struggling for listenership and need guidance on how to promote it?

  • Have you launched a podcast that's growing but want to make sure you've covered all of the bases?

If you answer yes to any of the above, you're in the right place.

I will have been hosting my own show for three years this November 3rd. I released the Shoestring Radio Podcasting Audio Course almost two years ago. I've continued to provide learning resources for new podcasters and had the privilege of coaching 20+ new show hosts one on one.

A few of my coaching clients have suggested that I put together a full training/coaching course that provides more step by step guidance and I'm finally taking action on their recommendations.

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I will accept six new podcasters for the inaugural session. I'm keeping the group small so that each participant get's the greatest benefit from the time we spend together.

I'll be taking you through the important phases of:

Project Development
From brainstorming to market research to identifying your purpose and goals for the new program. You'll know who your target market is and why they'll want to be listening to your show long before you record one single moment of audio.

We'll make a plan for profiting from your new show if that's your goal. Many programs won't make money directly, but will provide a platform for promoting your products and services. It's important to know going in what your goals are in this area so that you can measure your success. We'll look at how to reach out for sponsorship and deciding how to price your advertising options if you're offering them.

Program Planning
You'll work on developing your vision for the new show. How long will the episodes be? How often will you publish them? What is your flavor, style and format? Will you involve others as contributors, co-hosts or special advisors? How will you find your guests? What will you expect from them?

Website, Blog RSS Set Up
We'll critique each other's websites and make sure that you have all of the elements that make it easy for your listeners to find you, listen and subscribe to your show.

Hosting Skills
You will learn to be comfortable with the sound of your own voice. We'll do some practice interviews and critique one another as a group. We'll cover how to handle common hosting issues.You'll be relaxed and ready for your first show.

Using simple tools like Audio Acrobat, Audacity, Web Conferencing, etc - we'll make sure that you know how to record and edit quality audio.

Promoting your new show will be an ongoing process that should start before you launch. You'll learn four great strategies that will help you get the word out about your show.

You will receive a printable outline with coursework to complete in advance of each session. We'll then meet together as a group in my web conference room for discussion and application to your specific program.

Our next Intensive will be held in Winter 2007

Please Note: Students must already own and have studied the complete
Shoestring Radio Podcasting Audio Course before they take the Intensive.